Driftwood is my first full-lenght album which I worked on for a duration of almost four years while pursuing my masters in electronic music at the University of Agder.

The album was produced by using stems and multitracks from Annbjørg Liens 2012 album “Khoom Loy”, Annbjørg is a norwegian folk musician who specializes in the “hardanger fiddle”, a norwegian folk instrument. Her unique expressions can be felt troughout Driftwood in clouds of fiddle-ambience. Khoom Loy producer Bjørn Ole Rasch also had a crucial role in the developement of this album as co-producer and mentor.

As an artist I’m very inspired by the idea of “composing landscapes” as a musical technique, revolutionized by the Alaskan based contemporary composer John Luther Adams. Like in his compositions, many of the songs in Driftwood aren’t syntactical songs or tracks, rather they appear as glimpses into a felt musical landscape. Here, as the title would suggest, the compositions are carefully nested in between nature and the ocean.

Driftwood Album Cover

Driftwood released 10.10.2019

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